A special occasion turned to Mazandaran National Day; Alavian had governed more than 1000 years ago in this province

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Mazandaran National Day
A special occasion turned to Mazandaran National Day; Alavian had governed more than 1000 years ago in this province


Mazandaran is a land with a great history, tradition and culture. During the centuries, worldviews, language, values and behaviors have shaped the unique culture of this province. Studying history and culture helps contemporary people know their past and form their future.

Mazandaran National Day

Around 1200 years ago, people of Mazandaran invited Hasan Ibn Zeid, who was the direct descendant of Imam Hasan Mojtaba, to establish an independent Shia government. This government was founded on November 5 (Aban 14) and called “Alavian”.

Ten years ago, November 5, were chosen as “The National Day of Mazandaran”. Since that time, this day has been taken as an opportunity to introduce and display the culture, history and dignity of Mazandaran.

What happens during Mazandaran Week?

Although November 5 is known as Mazandaran Day, people of Mazandaran celebrate this occasion for a whole week, from November 5 to November 11 (Aban 14-20). During this week, they hold cultural gatherings and appreciate their noble figures.

The first day of this week has been named as “Mazandaran, Shia and Guardianship” to commemorate the beginning of Alavian governance in the history of Mazandaran.

The second day has been named “Mazandaran and Tourism” to introduce the tourist attractions of this province.

The third day’s name is “Mazandaran, Youth and Championship”. On this day, medal winner athletes have been prized.

The fourth day’s name is “Pure Mazandaran” to emphasize the importance of saving the precious nature and environment of Mazandaran.

The fifth day has been named as “Mazandaran and Knowledge”. On this day, universities and schools hold seminars and conferences to introduce Mazandaran culture to the young generation and promote it.

“Mazandaran and elites” is the name of the sixth day. On this day, Mazandaran noble figures have been appreciated. The great figure for this year is Abolhasan Khoshroo, the famous folk singer and musician of Mazandaran who, unfortunately, is suffering from cancer.

Abolhasan Khoshru, folk singer and musician


“Mazandaran, Nima and Tabari Language” is the name of the last day of this week. Nima Yushij, who is called “the father of Persian modern poetry”, because of the revolution he had made in the concept, form and structure of Persian poetry, is from Mazandaran and some of his poems are written in Tabari Language, the native language of Mazandaran. On this day, Nima’s accomplishments and the importance of promoting Tabari Language have been discussed.

To mark the end of this week, with the efforts of “The Organization of Social and Cultural Affairs of Sari Municipality”, some people, by wearing the costume and playing Mazandarani music, have paraded from Sari Municipality to Velayat Garden.





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