Thursday , Dec 21 , 2017

Get around

The spreading of the city makes taxis available almost everywhere. There is a wide choice of taxi systems including ceremony taxis, wireless telecommunication taxis, airport or rail station taxis, telephony taxis and shared taxis. You may call 133 from everywhere of the city and county to asking for taking you from anywhere in Sari in less than five minutes or taking you from approximately 20 kilometers far distances (requires first registration) and even to serving you getting any destination around Iran, So if a tourist would like to stay more than a week in Sari, registration with this office is recommended.

By car

Parking may not found in the avenues of Sari, and parking is usually in the small streets and allies, or have a small entrance from avenues. It is recommended to park your car in your hotel's parking.

Driving may be an option for going to some sights in the suburbs such as Soleyman Tanga (meaning Strait of Solomon), or Masandaran Sea. Destinations which are of primary concern to a visitor are the Caves from 70th millennium BC and towers of dynasties of Tabarian Kingdom.

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